Wisconsin’s Assembly, Senate, and Governor’s office are all controlled by politicians who are determined to restrict access to abortion and other reproductive healthcare. The best thing you can do to protect reproductive freedom is vote.

NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin works to help elect candidates that we can count on to protect and expand abortion access, and stand up for the wellbeing of women and families. Our organization is nonpartisan, and we help candidates from all parties incorporate pro-choice values into their policy agenda.

The Next Election: Spring Primary, February 20, 2018
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NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin endorses candidates we believe voters can trust to stand up for reproductive rights in the Capitol. We judge this based on responses to our candidate survey, their past voting records (if applicable), and their public statements.

Each person who has earned our endorsement will not only be counted on to stand up to anti-choice bills, but will also work towards legislation that moves women and families forward. Our policy agenda for 2017 includes:

  • Expanded access to abortion services
  • Universal access to contraception
  • Comprehensive and medically accurate sex education in schools
  • Paid parental leave ​
  • Bills to repeal mandatory ultrasounds and counselling for abortion patients
  • Bills to repeal Wisconsin’s 20-week abortion ban

Get involved

We’re seeking volunteers all around Wisconsin to grow our numbers and inspire pro-choice voters. Commitments vary from one night of making calls, to going door-to-door, to tabling at the local farmer’s market. Complete our volunteer registration form to get started.


Support a canvassing team with a $15 monthly donation.